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Hello Fellow Audiophiles.

So, what is AUDIO CONNEXION, you might ask?

Well, we have decided (after the success we had over the last 3 years, selling “finished goods”), to spin off that business unit, into its own dedicated entity – now called AUDIO CONNEXION (acX).

We decided to fully broaden the finished goods business, to more than just liquidation “close-outs”, demo’s and "scratch & dent" units. In addition to continuing to do that, we are now a fully realized and re-imagined retailer, of the finest high-end brands - both online and in our new 4000 sq. retail showroom. This was a major reason why we have divisionalized this activity into AUDIO CONNEXION from Parts Connexion.

We have also given acX’s retail store a unique personality – paying homage to the decor and design elements of the late 50’s & early 60’s, when STEREO was new…MID-CENTURY MODERN !

NOTE: pcX will return to being DIY hobbyist focused – re-invigorated with an infrastructure to bring in the newest and hottest offerings, in the parts & components categories! Hobbyists should anticipate seeing more than 20 new brands added this year alone, and expansion into several new parts categories.

Here is a sneak peak at some of the brands that acX is an authorized dealer for: Thorens, Rotel, Audeze, Gold-Note, PS Audio, Parasound, Roon, Roksan, Mark Levinson, ARCAM, Audiolab, JBL Synthesis, Cardas XLO, Wireworld, Monitor Audio, Tangent, Triangle, Bluesound, Krell, Dynaudio, Vicoustic, BDI, ISO ACOUSTICS, HiFi Man, Acoustic Solid... to name a few.

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The acX Team.

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