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20% Off Tubes, Sockets and Accessories

20% Off Tubes, Sockets and Accessories

The following brands are excluded from the sale: Audio Note, Oyaide, Rike, 1877Phono, Mundorf, Synergistic Research, DH Labs, Jupiter, Furutech, Jantzen, Axon, Cardas Audio, Kimber, Wattgate, IsoAcoustics, Arizona, Create Audio.  Matching Fees are excluded from sale.

1. No Double Discounting! (If the item is already discounted, the promotion does not apply)

2. Our discount programs have a beginning and an ending. The discounts are removed once the promotions have ended… They will not be extended on a case by case basis.  Once it’s over… it’s over.

3. The sales prices that are displayed/offered to our valued customers are calculated off the listed MSRP. Just as a reminder, there is no double discounting.

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