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acX Custom Cable Termination

Our Technicians

One of Audio Connexion’s core strengths is our on-site technical team - previous SFI technical and design staff. Our expert technicians not only inspect trade-ins but also, most importantly, provide invaluable repair and modification services for our customers.

Custom Cable Termination

A popular service that acX provides is Custom Cable Termination. Our technicians can custom terminate any of the wire and cable we sell through our parts and components division – Parts Connexion (pcX). Compare our bulk cable and connector pricing vs. factory pre-terminated cable...our termination is of equally good quality, you'll pay for only the length you need and your desired connectors, and you'll save a whole lot of money!

Standard type Custom Cable Termination Fee: $74.95 USD / $89.95 CAD per hour, plus the cost of materials.

NOTE: Bi-wired or complicated terminations, are "Quotation Basis" only.

If you are interested in our Custom Cable Termination services, click on CONTACT US located at the top right of this page.

Please note our technicians also provide the following services:

  • Speaker & Electronic Repairs
  • Modification / Upgrades for Speakers & Electronics
  • Cable Re-Termination
  • Tube Testing