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acX Tube Testing

Our Technicians

One of Audio Connexion’s core strengths is our on-site technical team - previous SFI technical and design staff. Our expert technicians not only inspect trade-ins but also, most importantly, provide invaluable repair and modification services for our customers.

Tube Testing

Audiophiles who use vacuum tube equipment know the quality and health of those tubes play an essential role in the sound quality of their systems. The quality of vacuum tubes can be determined by testing them. Our staff can test individual tubes to determine their specs, performance and if they are microphonic.

In addition, as needed, our technicians can match tubes that we sell through our parts and components division, Parts Connexion (pcX), in either a standard Matched Pair (MP) or a Super Matched Pair, which are tubes matched as close as possible (Gain +/- 5%, GM +/- 10%).

Match Fee for Tubes: $5 USD / $5 CAD

Super Tube Matching Fee (for Triode Tubes): $15 USD / $15 CAD

Individual Tube Testing: Please ask for a quote.

For those in the GTA, stop by our retail store and try out our vintage Mercury Self-Service Tube Tester for free!

If you are interested in our Tube Testing services, click on CONTACT US located at the top right of this page.

Please note our technicians also provide the following services:

  • Speaker & Electronic Repairs
  • Modification / Upgrades for Speakers & Electronics
  • Custom Cable Termination
  • Cable Re-Termination