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acX Cable Re-Termination

Our Technicians

One of Audio Connexion’s core strengths is our on-site technical team - previous SFI technical and design staff. Our expert technicians not only inspect trade-ins but also, most importantly, provide invaluable repair and modification services for our customers.

 Cable Re-Termination

Some have said that the quality of the cables in a system is as important as the equipment itself and, for many, a good pair of cables is a substantial investment. To help preserve this investment or to make improvements or needed repairs, our technicians can re-terminate your existing cables with any connectors we sell through our parts and components division – Parts Connexion (pcX), or with any connectors that you provide.

Cable Re-Termination Fee: $74.95 USD / $89.95 CAD per hour, plus the cost of new materials.

If you are interested in our Cable Re-Termination services, click on CONTACT US located at the top right of this page.

Please note our technicians also provide the following services:

  • Speaker & Electronic Repairs
  • Modification / Upgrades for Speakers & Electronics
  • Custom Cable Termination
  • Tube Testing